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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  September 8, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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what else? >> mark wrote in yesterday about having surgery. mike, i had the cat racket cataract surgery. you look much younger with the new lenses. >> we will show you a shot for mike barn cal. i think you need to go in no for more surgery. i don't think they make a surgery that makes barnicle look any better than he is now. "morning joe" starts right now. "morning joe." >> the defending champions the democrats are had a great undefeated season. how are they looking this zeire. >> democrats are about to get crushed. >> going to get clobbered. >> a true tailspin. >> the republicans are about to kick butt. >> a midterm inferno. >> democrats may be cruising toward a november bruisin'. i'm sorry. what is a the last one there?
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cruising towards a bruising? i think you may be confusing the midterm democrats with kiniki from greece. >> oh, gosh! yes, that's us. good morning. it's wednesday, september 8th. welcome to "morning joe." you're here and awake. that's good. hi, willie. >> i'm here. >> asking for too much. >> mike barnicle, and msnbc chief washington correspondent norah o'donnell, who is co-author of a new cookbook! it's called "baby love healthy easy delicious meals for your mom and toddler." there are meals in there for mom and dad and it's really healthy. if you're lucky, i will feed you a little goop this morning. you need to get the recipes out of this. it's good. >> i don't need a recipe. i get a snickers bar to my 2-year-old and he washes it down with a box of doughnuts.
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>> easy and beautiful. i'm sorry. what were you saying? were you talking? >> i give jack a snickers bar. i find it gives that 2-year-old the extra push he needs to get over like. >> preschool or whatever it is. >> have a munchkin! >> this book is so basic. perhaps even you could understand it and yet you make really good high-end food for your baby. >> her book is like number 10 on amazon of baby cookbooks. >> it's a baby cookbook. >> mac and cheese. norah, did you pose in here? >> one more time and then we're going to news. because i don't like this book. i think this book promotes the type of activity that we want to discourage. >> meatballs. >> talking health like the little babies. no, you start them in the crib this way and that follows them throughout life. we don't want it. >> poached halipud?
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>> the book contains senior abuse. 45 minutes ago, she said you should read the book. there is a section there about soft foods that applies for adults! >> we will make you some creamy butternut whipped nutmeg, mike. we have a big show this morning. david axelrod will be joining us. >> that will be good. >> arianna huffington and my friend, governor ed rendell will join us, along with maria bartirow know. >> rahm gone perhaps. >> he is gone. >> he is running for mayor of chicago. >> pretty much said it, didn't he? >> speaking of that. a great guy. mayor daly. he has done such a remarkable job with that city. >> yes. >> and anyway.
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but we didn't really talk about owners zag. >> it was in our must reads and i think we ended up doing polls. >> you were talking about healthy food. anyway, the president's top economic adviser leaves and then says extends the bush tax cuts is going to set up quite a bit of debate. >> a good debate and that is coming up. >> and remarkus writes about the other part of owners sflag's plan to end all tax cuts two years from now. we will talk about that coming up. president obama heads to cleveland this morning to push for billions of dollars in new taxes incentives for businesses, as well as infrastructure spending. according to the white house aides, the president will also argue against any compromise that extend the bush era tax cuts for the nation's wealthiest. under obama's plan, current tax rates would be extended for the 98% of households with income below 250,000 and couples and
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200,000 for individuals. federal tax rates for the wealthiest 2% of americans would return to pre2001 levels. >> the president will argue tomorrow that we should extend those middle class tax cuts as in not doing so, would most assuredly, hurt our economy. but, again, i think if you're making $250,000 or $400,000 or $800,000 in this economy, you're not putting off the purchase of -- there is not a great crush on -- or pullback in your consumer demand. this economy is not hurting people to make $800,000 a year. it's hurting families that are making $40,000 a year. >> this approach puts the president at odds with peter orszag who wrote in his debut column for "the new york times," quote.
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pete orszag who just left the white house. that's interesting some. >> i'm a bit surprised, actually, that barack obama is going to follow through on ending the bush tax cuts for people making $250,000 and above. during the campaign, even said, you know what? if the economy is bad, we may not end those tax cuts and push them out a couple of more years like orszag is talking about right now. things are worse now than barack
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obama could ever imagine in the 2008 campaign. i know it's not popular with a lot of people and they demagogue it and they love populous rhetoric but it is blindly ideological to increase taxes on, you could say the wealthiest americans. i would say the most productive americans. the people who own the companies that create the jobs, to increase taxes by 4% a year on them when we have 10% unemployment? economically, that is mindless. it is mindless. this isn't about helping the rich. i'll be quite blunt. i'll say what i said in congress. i don't give a damn about the rich. i give a damn about the working class people who were hired by the rich. >> all right. what would then be, norah, the political i guess maybe gain for digging in on this? why not compromise on this? the plan the president is laying out says couldn't go into the deficit. >> the white house is going to make the argument that 98% of
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americans would have their tax cuts extended. but he is forraising it on couples who make more than $250,000 a year. the problem with that argument some will point out a lot of small or medium-sized businesses, their kaxs will go up under this plan. i think that is where you will hear some of the pushback from people in this country. the engine of this economy as the white house says they hire a lot of people out there. >> norah, you also know there are a lot of people that make $250,000 that own a restaurant or landscaping company and maybe they don't filed subchapter s. maybe they file as corporations. still, if you're taking 5% income out of a family of five that makes $300,000, it's not like there's a chinese wall between their bank account at home and their corporation, and what they will say is, okay, i
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can send johnny to college at this college that he has wanted to go to and that we've wanted him to go to and we've worked our butts or for 20 years so we could send them there, or i could hire another person at work. what am i going to do? i got 5% less income this year. i'm sorry. these are real life choices. i know populists don't like to hear how they make decisions but that is how they make decisions. >> the businesses are concerned about uncertainty out there why they are sitting on a trillion dollars in cash and not investing. i think it's an issue for president obama. i also think it's politically an issue because those people who are going to turn out in november which we saw in our nbc news/"the wall street journal" poll are not motivated by social issues, they are motivated by financial issues. these are fiscal conservatives. when the whole debate for the next month and a half are about
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tax policy that benefits the republican party and not the democratic base which is already demoralizing. >> mike barnicle, they will talk about the tax cuts for the rich and if it makes them feel better, that's fine. what they need to say, though, is -- i mean, tax increases -- we're talking about tax increases for employers and small businesses. tax increases for the people who make the decisions on whether to put money back in the game, create, you know, invest in their company, create new jobs. this is elemental. >> i have a strong feeling, joe, that most people, they pay attention to their own economic circumstances. peter orszag might as well be speaking greek. the president today in cleveland might be imposing a new theory. people don't grasp it. what they grasp about the economy is the psychology of it as it affects them personally and the uncertainty as it
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affects them personally. the psychology of it is whether you make $8,000 or $800,000 a year, when you hear all of this talk back and forth about the specific tax cut proposal, people just wonder, you know, this is a class war fare card now. next eight weeks it's class war fare out there on the stump. at the end of eight weeks, they will be down 5% on their income or wondering what is going to happen to the tax bracket next april 15th. >> they will make the decision not to hire new people. and i've got to say, too, mika, yesterday, i brought up paul krugman op-ed which i hate to do, but -- >> but you did it quite well. >> paul krugman makes a good point. he says, okay, when you've got real unemployment around 15%, is now really the time to adopt an
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austeria program? i have been talking about spend less, spend less, spend less. when real unemployment is at 15%, is that the time to cut off government spending? it works the other way, too. >> what would be the savings? >> hold on, hold on. it works the other way, too. when you've got real unemployment at 15%, is that the time to raise taxes on the people that hire employees? >> i understand that completely. but what would be -- how much would you say, if you ended the tax cuts now? because there is a big -- that is a big argument that republicans always, you know, say we're worried about the deficit and then they push programs and policies that -- >> listen. we cannot afford a long-term extension of these tax cuts without making dramatic cuts elsewhere. what orszag talks about and what
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krugman is not talking about and some people is not talking about is a one year or two-year fix. let's try to get some people back to work. now is not the time to cut spending massively. now is not the time to raise taxes. now is the time to try to stimulate growth and that is, again, why this -- this is a tax increase for millions of people and -- >> the ones who have the capacity to hire people who are not working? >> right. >> let's get to the daily story before break. after 21 years in office, chicago mayor richard daly saysly not run for re-election yesterday. he called it a personal decision he had become, quote, increasingly comfortable making. >> in the coming days, i know there will be some reflecting on my time as mayor. many of you will search to find what is behind my decision. it's simple. i've always believed that every
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person, especially public officials, must understand when it's time to move on. in the end, this is a personal decision. no more, no less. >> boy, a great mayor. >> yes. >> a great city. >> and his announcement opens the door for the possible run by white house chief of staff rahm emanuel who said in april it's no secret, he would like to run for mayor of chicago. >> mayor rahm? >> mayor daley seeks re-election? i will work and support him but if mayor daley doesn't, i would like to run for mayor of chicago. that is always been an inspiration, even when i was in the house of representatives. >> okay. >> norah? >> he's a man of his word. i think he will run and the question now is filing deadline is in december. >> yeah. >> and the white house has got to decide who will replace him. >> willie, that's great news. filing deadline in december. i think by december we can
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assemble a team of lawyers. he is innocent of all charges, he can put blago in. >> the wheels are in motion. >> what we don't want to kill hamlet in the first act but we think blago would make a magnificent mayor of chicago. >> when we come back, who would replace rahm some politico will break it down if rahm returns to chicago. that's next. also, scandal in the text sector. new trouble brewing between hewlett-packard and the man in the middle. after decades of decline is the battle against cigarettes starting to slip? i hate this news! >> i thought you would like it because you smoke enough. i hear you lose weight, right? is that right? >> yeah, look at us! >> i'm thinking about picking it up. it does help you. this is more exercise, doing it all day. >> wait a minute, we have a problem. >> what? >> he was not supposed to come
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back in the building. bill karins. >> hey, chicken little! >> he is one of those people that shows up. it's awkward. >> bill, where is the hurricane going to hit today? >> let me tell you what. i needed a big break yesterday. >> the sky is falling! east coast, leave! >> he is all right? >> you get it wrong once in a while? >> no, it's not okay. you ruined my weekend. >> 225,000 people in halifax didn't have power. that's a big deal. >> that's all you got? >> that's all i got. >> halifax? >> idiot. >> can't win them all. temperatures this morning are in the 60s back in pittsburgh and also buffalo. cold front is going to come through. one more day of summer for the east coast. temperatures are in the 70s. just about from boston to d.c. enjoy it because tomorrow will be much cooler. we have a few showers that are rolling through up around massachusetts, new hampshire and
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connecticut. maybe a few sprinkles this morning. most of the day will be dry. as i mentioned, today's it. temperatures in the 80s. tomorrow will be down in the 70s and 60s. right into the upcoming weekend so this will be the last day of feeling like summer. the other big story out there this morning. heavy rain in texas. we have flash flooding from texas north of killeen and dallas/ft. worth a soaker of a day. 3 to 5 inches of rain expected. the rest of the country rather tranquil weather from chicago to minneapolis. you're watching "morning joe," brewed by starbucks. ♪ ♪ hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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>> i miss the smoking baby. do you remember the smoking baby? he's apparently stopped smoking now. he was able to do it with the nicotine patch with a little fred flintstone on it. i think we got the smoking baby right there. is that him? hey, how's it going? yeah. yeah, there he is. having a butt. okay, that's good. hey, dad, if you're going into town, i need a carton of larks. >> i never found that video funny. >> i think it's a killer. one of the best. >> a 2-year-old! washington times. obama hits a bump in the road on spending. the president is not finding many allies in his latest call for bipartisan operation for new tax breaks. even democrats say nothing will get done in the two months before congressional elections. >> gainesville pastor vowed to
6:22 am
carry on had his plan to burn the koran. that pastor does need to know if he burns koran, the blood of american soldiers and marines will be on his hands. >> interesting reactions from clinton and bloomberg on that. >> and general petraeus who knows better than anybody else, that pastor will kill rah marines and responsible for the death of u.s. soldiers and marines if he carries that act out. it is that simple. >> "the washington post" the last major ge factory making ordinary incan densent light bulbs is closing. the workers will lose their jobs unable to compete in a market for more efficient bulbs. "the new york times." >> as professional teams abandon
6:23 am
stadiums, old giants stadium still carries -- i couldn't believe this -- $110 million in debt. nearly $13 for every new jersey -- that is an old stadium. this ziron is talking about socialism in sports? >> there you go perfect. >> they are leaving this stadium and it still carries $110 million in debt. >> that's terrific. dallas morning news. fda poised to prove the new altered salmon for human consumption. >> why would i want to eat that? >> the fish will grow twice as fast. >> stop it! it's got three eyes! >> the fda will be holding public meetings about the fish later this month. >> straight out of the "simpsons"! come on, willie! stop this madness.
6:24 am
>> let's do it. >> it's about making our food real and organic. >> organic is a huge farce. >> so you're on my side. you just don't know it. >> the kid is mok smoking. is that what side you're on? >> norah, you have a call. must be about your new book, "baby love." maybe you're doing a radio interview. don't let us get in the way! >> mike allen, the chief white house correspondent for politico has a look at the morning playbook. who is going to come after rahm emanuel? we're assuming by having this discussion he is going to run for the mayor of chicago. are we right, number one, to assume that? number two, who is on the short list to fill in the spot if he does? >> you're in good company because all of the top officials in the west wing assume rahm emanuel will do that and say he needs to decide pretty soon. we may see some action quickly and also a pretty good sense of who might follow him. now, politico's ben smith has a
6:25 am
post-op saying that rahmemmanuel has friends in chicago saying he believes his replacement will be senior adviser valerie jarrett, another chicagoan. the president wants to turn the page. he wants to have some change, but someone he is familiar with. so we will probably see someone the president is comfortable with and yet bring outside experiences to it. two very likely people. one, the vice president's chief of staff, ron klain. we know him from hbo movie "reek out." he has worked with vice president gore and president clinton and now vice president biden. he knows the city and the city is comfortable with him. he will help reattach president obama for what he may have gotten off kilter with the first few years. a second likely person at the top of the list that you would
6:26 am
consider, the deputy national security adviser tom donald who was also in the clinton state department and very welded into the city and his wife kathy russell is dr. jill biden's chief of staff. >> ben smith of politico reporting, according to some emanuel chicago associates believe valley valerie jarrett is the leading candidate. what is your take on that? >> she has the president's ear. she, obviously, is very well liked. and i think president obama likes to have people around him that he is comfortable with. i don't see president obama reaching out to somebody that worked for al gore and then worked for joe biden. mike, that hasn't yet seemed to be in his makeup, right in? he likes people around him. >> did he have a long history
6:27 am
with rahm before he brought rahm on? >> he did and rahm had the connection to the clintons so the idea was that he could bring the party back together and the president knew that he needed a strong attachment to capitol hill when, of course, rahm gave him. what he is going to look for is the comfort level that joe is talking about and, yet, some outside experiences. i think the president recognizes that the campaign team which were underdogs when they went to work for him so understandably a real bond if fr that. he understand they paid a price for this in the west wing as president bush paid a huge price for his west wing. >> mike, what is the sense within the white house on this upcoming post, apparently upcoming post apparently opening up, if they get their clock cleaned in november? if they lose the house and the senate, how does that factor in? >> relations with capitol hill are going to be very important because they are going to need to give the appearance that they
6:28 am
are getting something done so there is going to be a lot of pressure on republican leaders to give in or to serve these insurgents who are coming in and, yet, in the interest of both sides to not look broken. there could be a backlash against both the country does not want a broken washington. >> other names are tom daschle, leon panetta and mark warner among the list. >> i have one. irskin. >> i'll add him to the list in playbook. >> thanks, mike. >> i tell you who i would pick. seriously, if i were there, ed rendell. we got him on the show. >> that's pretty good. >> ed is a real politic kind of guy. >> that is good. >> plus, you know, it would be fun to watch football with him on a sunday afternoon.
6:29 am
that's important. >> i see ed being a good subordinate, though. ed is an executive. >> that's right. >> you know what? >> you're right. >> i think ed could do it. >> let's ask him. ask him if coming up. a new twist between the battle between tech giants hewlett-packard and oracle. can they keep their ceo from revealing secrets. will former heisman reggie bush be forced to give back his trophy? that is coming up in sports. ♪ - working out can be totally cool. - that's right, so we've got a list of things you can do to get active. - like jumping jacks. - or how 'bout push-ups? - sit-ups? - uh, maybe jumping rope? - yeah. or jogging. - uh, how about like a wheelbarrow race? - oh, yeah, that's a great idea. - but imagine actually trying to use him as a wheelbarrow, like stacking bricks on him and doing, like, doo-doo-doo. you know what i mean? - or yoga. - which is actually peaceful and quiet and not a lot of talking, so...
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- exactly. is he still looking at me?
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go! go! yeah! [ mom ] game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. look at that beautiful shot. >> hold on a second. wait a second. is there something wrong with little hot dogs? >> no, there is not. i had one the other day at the mets game. >> are you telling me i should not be feeding my 2-year-old hot dogs? >> correct. >> i want to have a positive message about this. i think you can eat all things in moderation, but a steady diet of hot dogs might lead to coronary artery disease. >> he is 2! >> by the way, smoking cuts through it. >> goes right through it. >> i'm going to take little jack
6:34 am
to fenway which i did on sunday to watch the worst game of the year for the red sox. what? i'm going to feed him like strained broccoli? no! i want a hot dog! >> absolutely, absolutely. >> crackerjacks. >> can you still smoke at fenway? >> you can because it's outdoors, right? >> no, you can't smoke there. there is a cardiologist in the box. have another hot dog, kid, you know? >> the problem is not knowing the definition of moderation. a lot to get to so let's straighten up. >> we have some must read op-eds later. u.s. forces are investigating what caused a kurdish iraqi soldier to open fire on u.s. soldiers yesterday in northern iraq killing two and wounding nine others. the two americans were the first u.s. service members to be killed in iraq since the obama administration declared an official end to gat operationed
6:35 am
last week. mark hurd, the suit that alleged hurd what was forced to resign last month is putting hp's most valuable trade secrets at risk by joining their competitor in a statement oracle ceo said it was impossible for hp and oracle to continue and operate together. a new figure shows the nation's smoking rate is holding steady, despite government efforts to cut tobacco use after a 40-year incline the centers for disease control and prevention says 1 in 5 adults lights up regularly. >> stop. >> stop what? >> that smirk on your face. >> what is that? >> what annoying comment can i make right now and you look like you are revving up. i can see you. >> people in north carolina, if
6:36 am
that's a sinner, i'm a sinner. >> the cdc estimates that smoking kills 1 in a thousand americans each day. >> they have no evidence of that. no proof. >> what is up in sports. >> are you done talking? >> they are making up numbers now. >> let's go to sports. tiger woods got good news for once. he was selected for the ryder cup team as one of the four captains pick. >> he wants to go to europe? >> good times. >> women. lock the doors! >> i knew that was coming. >> here comes tiger. >> he finished no better than fourth in any tournament this year but made the team as a captain's choice and didn't qualify on his own. his sixth ryder cup appearance, the first that he had to be chosen by the captain instead of qualifying. the ryder cup starts on october 1st. you can see it on nbc. >> are they going to have an ankle bracelet on him? he gets too far away, shock him and bring him back? >> we are moving and turning the page. fourth round of the u.s.
6:37 am
open. rafael nadal doing his roger federer impression between the legs action. he at this time it lamely back. nice effort. nadal won the match in straight sets advancing to the quarterfinals. venus williams won last night and she is 30 years old in the semifinal playing kim clijsters. >> go venus. the opening weekend of the college football season the biggest story so far is off the field. yahoo! sports reporting that reggie bush will be stripped of his 2005 heisman trophy, perhaps before the end of the month. >> can i ask you a question, willie? i think mike barnicle brings up a very good question. if you're going to strip reggie bush of his heisman trophy, right? because he may have taken money, that's really bad, what about o.j.? i know he didn't take money from agents.
6:38 am
he may have brutally murdered two people. so do you take o.j.'s? >> not a violation of the ncaa rules. >> see, i don't know ncaa rules. >> yahoo! sports said bush received a plethora of benefits while rat ucs during the season he won the trophy. the heisman trust says yahoo! report is inaccurate so far and no decision made regarding the reggie bush decision. if bush is stripped of the heisman he is the first player in the 75-year history of the award to have it taken away from him. >> does o.j. have his in his jail cell? >> i think he does. >> i don't believe he's in jail. >> he's in jail. >> he is. >> remember? >> oh, the vegas thing. >> remember, he had his
6:39 am
memorabilia stolen and he went back to claim it. 15 years! >> i think o.j. was framed. i'm not going to lie to you, but still he's in jail. >> of course, he was framed. >> for that charge. he brutally murdered two people and got off for that one. >> jury is out on that. because he is in jail, he can't track down the real killers. >> of course. he tried across golf courses in northwest florida. a flilg victory against tenth ranked virginia tech, boise state picking up number one votes and a lot of people think they are the best team in the country. >> seriously? >> they are creeping up on ohio state. only 13 points behind the buckeyes for the number two spot. alabama is down seven from the preseason poll. despite the fact they won by 58 points on saturday. >> come on. >> who does alabama play this week? >> penn state. >> who does boise state play?
6:40 am
gene autry university? >> they are tough this year. >> it's a jv team. >> in oregon. >> pensacola community college, actually, i think. seriously, boise state. they play one team and we have to hear about them all year. i'm not knocking boise, people. boysy boise are some of the best people in the world. >> you always say that. >> i do. do i not say boysy people are some of the best people in the world? >> stop his mouth! >> stop it! >> please. i'm going to have to ask you. there is a -- >> oh? strange game. brewers and cardinals. umpire bob davidson was having a bad night. something happened during the day. he throws out first cardinals pitching coach dave duncan for arguing balls and strikes. so a coach is thrown out of the game. that's one. bottom of the fifth. davidson ejects brewers hitter chris dickerson because he threw his helmet down and, hits the showers. a coach and a player. what is left?
6:41 am
who is left in the ballpark? let's start throwing fans out in the game. >> i love it. >> davidson goes behind home plate and throws a fan out of the game. >> you can't do that! >> can do you that? >> you can't do that! >> maybe he is distracting. >> the fan was arguing balls and strikes so he was thrown out. security came down and escorted the guy out. the guy got a standing ovation from the brewers. the fan was heckling the ump. >> was he waves his arms? >> he threw a coach out, a player and a fan to be clear. if they went one morning he would throw vendors out of the stadium. >> he was having a cranky day! >> he was. rough day. digger phelps is here later in the studio. is delaware the next alaska where the tea party is putting another republican incumbent at risk? you're watching "morning joe," wrued brewed by starbucks. brewe.
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i've been in government a long time and you can ask others. people she served with in the legislature. i honestly have not found anyone that thought she was an accomplished legislator. in fact, just the opposite. so you don't need to hear this from me. i think is there a real contrast between sharron angle and harry reid. >> welcome back. time for a look at the must read op-eds. you picked a good one. >> the thing is, it's interesting what has been happening. and i've said for some time, and i started saying it when i wrote my book last february after obama won, i said, you know, what helps people drive up talk radio ratings on the right and cable news prime time shows on
6:46 am
the right? it doesn't necessarily translate into victories for republicans. of course, scar burrow is rhine owe. i know if you want a national party it's probably not best to elect people like sharron angle and very conservative people in the northeast. in the deep south, very very conserve pif. the religion. the "the wall street journal," i'm glad there is one conservative outlet that is talking reasonably finally. thank you, "the wall street journal." and we need to have more discussions like this if we're going to have a national republican party. the "the wall street journal," the tea party and the gop.
6:47 am
>> christine o'donnell. this is important. the tea partiers who want to restore proper constitutional limits rather than merely pad the ratings of talk radio, my recall will am f. buckley jr.'s counsel that his policy was to vote for the most conservative candidate who could win. mika, when i hear sarah palin in alaska criticizing scott brown in massachusetts who won in massachusetts when sarah palin couldn't get 5% in
6:48 am
massachusetts, it just suggests that some people don't understand what it takes to have a national republican party. my views, coming out of my hometown, pensacola, florida, wouldn't translate in maine. they just wouldn't in a republican primary. here, mike, again, "the wall street journal," i'm not knocking the guys on conservative talk radio, they can do what they want to do. they make lots of money. god bless them, all right? but rush limbaugh would not win a delaware primary. mike castle would and if mike castle wins that primary, guess what? republicans pick up joe biden senate seat. >> if the republicans are interested in governing with the majority in the house, if they win a majority in the senate, they should maybe pay heed to what haley basher. got a lot of flak for endorsing the republican.
6:49 am
the republican is moderate. i believe governor barbour said he is not the only republican on the ballot. >> a guy that became independent, haley said on this show, not long ago, he wishes jim jefferts was still republican senator. look at these polls. this is so clear-cut for the delaware voters. they can decide next week, whether they want a republican to have that seat or whether they want a democrat to have the seen in their own primary. mike castle, wins in a general election matchup by 13 percentage points. christine o'donnell who has, according to the "the wall street journal" a very checkered financial path and loses by seven points. yet people on talk radio and the internet basically saying you would be a traitor if you voted for mike castle. it's just a question. you can vote for somebody who supports obama health care or
6:50 am
who opposes it in the senate. >> in the presidential -- i would rather have barack obama win than john mccain president. >> rush limbaugh said that. everybody has their place and people like rush certainly energize the base and helped my base in 1994 a great deal but, sometimes, you got to listen to "the wall street journal." i think they get this one right. >> coming up, senior adviser to the president. david axelrod will be with us. first, willie, what do you have coming up? >> speaking of the 2008 presidential campaign, megan mccain was on jay leno last night, speaking out about the moment she learned sarah palin was the choice to be her father's running mate. >> interesting. i want to hear that one ♪ whoa listen to the music [ wind howling ]
6:51 am
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oh, yes! >> yes, willie. >> it's time. >> it's time! >> this version of the "news you can't use" brought to you by baby love, pick up your copy today by norah o'donnell. >> does that mean, i don't have to do the oh, yes thing? >> come on, let's see how you do. >> oh, yes! >> that is great. >> i'm sorry, i can't do it. >> you got to let it rip. >> i can't outdo jonathan capehart. say it like you mean it!
6:55 am
sorry. i'm sorry. >> go ahead. megan mccain was on leno last night and has a new book out called "dirty sexy politics." she answered jay's question when she heard that her father announced sarah palin was her vice president selection. >> i knew nothing about her and i thought god let her not have any skelts in the closet. i was scared. i didn't know her. >> what did you think of her when you met her? what was your initial reaction? >> my initial reaction is who the hell is sarah palin, like everybody else, remember? >> we all had different reactions. everybody looking around. sarah palin? >> i didn't cry. >> you didn't cry? >> i don't know a whole loch that cry over this election of
6:56 am
vice presidential candidates and she should have been very happy because up until september 15th, sarah palin helped her dad. that is the piece of history that people forget about. >> enough to make you cry. i know you get japanese "vogue" delivered to your mailbox, mika. >> set me up for it. >> lady gaga in lunch meat. she is naked but covered in lunch meat. there you have it. guess who is not happy about this? peta. no matter how beautiful the picture is, flesh from a tort e tortured animal is flesh from a tortured animal. >> mika? >> she has nothing.
6:57 am
larry king/ryan seakret together. ♪ >> that is lerner and lowe. a reference from the '30s. >> what was that? >> he is singing lady gaga and having a good time. >> are you sure that is what is happening? >> that is larry being larry. norah o'donnell, the book is, one more time? >> "baby love." it's building a foundation for healthy eating in life, joe. >> good luck on this book, joe. susan is going to love it. >> not just for babies either, we should point out. >> thanks.
6:58 am
>> maria bartiromo is next. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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7:01 am
economic growth. this isn't about the next 60 days or the next 90 days. this is about how do we get our economy fully back on track and how do we get the millions that want to work back to work. and how do we repair the economic damage that has been going on, not just over the past two years, but over the past ten years. we didn't get into this overnight as i've said countless times.
7:02 am
welcome back to "morning joe." beautiful shot of new york city. with us is mike barn a kell and anchor of cnbc closing bell and "the wall street journal" report, maria bartiromo. she has a new book out. >> i love it. >> "the weekend that changed wall street." and willie and mika are with us. david axelrod will be with us very soon. an awful lot to talk about. robert gibbs talking about tax cuts for businesses and says it's not for the campaign, it's for the long-term economic health of this country. i think that is a positive thing a plan that will not raise the deficit. >> i think that is a positive thing. the big debate and, maria, peter orszag weighed in yesterday. we will be talking about it in
7:03 am
news. but said extend the bush tax cuts for a couple of years. >> increasingly you're hearing a feeling toward not putting any more pressure on not just the highest earners, but everybody. in an environment that is clearly very fragile. unemployment just under 10%. and the administration recognizing that the country needs something to get people moving again, spending money again, job creation so we could actually get this economy going. it's going to take time. >> we shall see. we will be talking to david about that and much more. ed rendell is also going to be here. >> you have a great idea about ed. >> ed should be the grand pooh-bah in the white house. put him some swr. you move jalry to chief of staff, put him in valerie's place. president obama heads to cleveland this morning.
7:04 am
to push for billions of dollars in new taxes incentives for businesses, as well as infrastructure spending. according to the white house aides, the president will also argue against any compromise that extend the bush era tax cuts for the nation's wealthiest. under obama's plan, current tax rates would be extended for the households with income below 250,000 and couples and 200,000 for individuals. federal tax rates for the americans above that bracket would return to pre2001 levels. >> the president will argue tomorrow that we should extend those middle class tax cuts as in not doing so, would most assuredly, hurt our economy. but, again, i think if you're making $250,000 or $400,000 or $600,000, or $800,000 in this economy, you're not putting off the purchase of -- there is not a great crush on -- or pullback in your consumer demand. this economy is not hurting
7:05 am
people to make $800,000 a year. it's hurting families that are making $40,000 a year. >> i'm stunned by that comment. i am stunned that he would -- that robert gibbs does not believe that people who make over $250,000 have not altered their choices? >> first of all, much of the job cuts that we've seen as a result of the financial crisis were white collar jobs and people making above $250,000. >> people of all income brackets were frozen in place by september 15th and that is when they stopped hiring people. everybody, except for the super wealthy, have -- mike barnicle, they've had their -- >> you can understand it politically, can't you? >> i understand that aspect of it. the bottom line to suggest -- when "the new york times" in fact, had a front page article several weeks ago saying that the recovery has been dampened by wealthy americans, not spending money any more. >> because those are the cuts.
7:06 am
>> because they are freezing and saying my taxes are going up 5% next year, i'm not going to do an addition to my house or not hire another employee. >> they are making $80,000 are saying i feel sorry for you. i'm just saying. >> no one is saying -- >> i understand that. again, though, this is where the pop uism gets muddled. i don't give a damn about the rich. the rich can always take care of themselves. they can always hire the best lawyers and the best accountants. i don't care about the rich but i do care about the working class people that the rich hire for their jobs. it's just you remember, mike, back in 1993? bill clinton passed the luxury tax. you remember who got hurt by the luxury tax? the ship builders. >> who sold things. >> the people who built and sold boats and yachts in the northeast and yip shipyards.
7:07 am
what did they do? they repealed the luxury tax because they decided they would rather have american workers building coats than canadian workers or workers in europe. >> one other point, joe. let's insure we are defining rich properly. because at the end of the day, a hundred million americans own stock, so raising taxes on capital gains, on vifeds, that doesn't impact a portion of the economy, 250,000 or more. that impacts everybody. because you don't even recognize the fact that in pensions and 401(k)s everyone owns stock and everybody is getting impact on it as well. >> they are down until the election. it's the class war fare card. >> it's been going on. >> i just wanted to highlight the point you were trying to make in terms of decisions that can be made along the way to drive the economy forward to help people. but does, to many, seem like tax cut for the very, very rich. >> here is the thing, though. when i first ran, i was making a
7:08 am
hell of a lot less than $250,000. i was making about $35,000. i was for capital gains cuts, i was for ending of the inheritance tax and for cutting the marginal tax rate and that message drew voters of all income brackets. like the wealthy doctors that lived on the water, they didn't vote for me. the people that lived in trailer parks in the north end of es scam bee a county and walton koued county, they voted for me because they get it. people deliver this populism message it calls on deaf ears. most working class families were like my family growing up. they didn't have money but they knew as americans, if they
7:09 am
worked hard, one day, we would make money. >> the promise of america being the country you could come from nothing and work hard and achieve great success is now being questioned because those people with that aspirational feeling to achieve great success are recognizing that, then it's 60%, to 70% is going to the government. >> add to that, you can't buy a house any more which was the american dream. >> one other point made is taxing people over $250,000 hurts small businesses. counter to that which we have heard from the white house is only 2% of small business owners actually make over $250,000 so that is kind of a negligible percentage and not a fair criticism. what is the truth on that issue? >> it's not negligible. because that is the portion of business that is truly creating jobs. small business. so if you really want to look at negligible, i would look at the revenue that you're deriving from only raising taxes on the highest earners because it's a
7:10 am
drop in the bucket when you consider a $13 trillion debt. i don't think it's negligible at all. i think small businesses owners are impacted and the reason they are frozen going into 2011. they are not worried about higher taxes but worried about the higher cost of health care. >> what they are doing, they are technically correct only 2% filed as individuals, it would be affected by this. as i said earlier, even if somebody that makes $250,000 and owns a small business, let's say he is a dentist or she is a dentist and has four chairs, right? even if you file as a corporation in new york state, you know that your taxes are going up personally. that's going to affect the decisions you make in your corporation. so, yes, while your corporations taxes aren't going to be going up, you're going to say i can send my child to this school or i can -- >> hire somebody. >> or hire somebody else but i'm losing 5% of my income. >> which is best part of the economic story right now the 1.8
7:11 am
trillion in cash the businesses are sitting on is the nonstory because they are not spending that money. >> i've got to say the other side of it is that, obviously, we cannot extend these tax cuts for a decade. >> forever, yeah. >> unless significant spending cuts come up. but even barack obama said in the 2008 campaign that he would consider extending these tax cuts for a year or two if the unemployment is bad and it's gotten considerably worse since '0 8. >> here is what peter orszag says. the nation faces a painful jobs deficit in the near term and unsus sustainable budget over the medium and long term. un sustainable budget over the medium and long term. unsustaina medium and long term. and that would still be worth
7:12 am
it. >> which, by the way, the white house rejects both sides of this because he is saying extend the tax cuts for two years for everybody including people making over 250 but then two years from now, he says the physically responsible thing to do would be ending all tax cuts. and barack obama says he doesn't want to do that either for people making under 25037 -- 250. it's fascinating. >> when we come back, senior adviser, i love the weekend that changed wall street. it's going to be good. >> when was that? last weekend? david axelrod joins us coming up. first, bill karins with a check on the forecast. >> nova scotia bill, what is up? >> i'm sorry, joe, you couldn't get out to the hamptons on friday. i apologize. i blew the forecast. >> yeah, you did. >> yeah. >> you did, actually. >> i do hear that a stop sign got bent in halifax so you
7:13 am
didn't completely miss it. >> 50 miles here or there. rain heading into boston this morning and a sprinkle or two in new york city the next 15, 20 minutes and that will be in and out in a hurry. temperatures will be warm today. 85 to 90 degrees. one of the last summer days we're going to see. cooler air arrives tomorrow. one of the big weather stories is flooding in texas today. efficient austin drenched with 10 inches of rain. if you're traveling through texas that is our travel trouble spot. you're watching "morning joe," brewed by starbucks. ♪ [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
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7:16 am
the president, it does level with people. he is sprit straightforward about what he thinks works and
7:17 am
what he thinks doesn't. i don't think we will see that between now and november but i think after november you'll see soul-searching and particularly changes in the way he has toweled to the american people and really community, particularly, i think, with the business community. >> here with you now is senior adviser to president obama, david axelrod. david, news yesterday coming out of chicago. i got to ask you the question. >> oh, boy. >> regarding running for mayor in chicago. will you, david axelrod, announce this morning on "morning joe" that you, in fact, are the white house official that will be running to be the next mayor of chicago? >> you know, joe, i was going to hold this news for fox and friends. >> oh! >> that's why we are here. we wanted to get ahead on the rotation. david axelrod, go ahead, make the announcement. >> i know what you're driving to. >> how do you know what i'm driving to? will you quit assuming?
7:18 am
>> i know you, joe. i'm a veteran watcher of "morning joe" and i file like we are like together, do you know what i mean? >> we are. we are close together. >> you will be running for mayor of chicago? >> i got a great job be, but other people will be thinking about it. >> valerie jarrett will run for mayor of chicago? >> she has a great job, too. i think she will stick with that. >> you're saying rahm emanuel has a crappy job and he will run for mayor of chicago? >> he also has a great job but he has got some options and he has got some decisions to make and he will think it over. look. rahm and i have been friends for 30 years. he is a larger than life personality. he is a brilliant guy. and, you know, he has all of the skill set and the personality to be a big city mayor and to be the mayor of chicago. he loves the city. he has spent his life there. and he represented the city in congress, obviously, but he has
7:19 am
a lot of responsibilities here and trying to work his way through all of that. we both were stunned, frankly, when we heard yesterday that the mayor wasn't going to run. it's hard for us to imagine. we both worked for him over the years. and the notion that he would give that job up, i've never seen someone who loved his job more than mayor daley so we're still absorbing the news. >> what a great mayor and what a great city. he just did a hell of a job. let's talk about tax cuts and we have been debating it here on the set the last couple of hours. president obama was asked about during the campaign raising taxes for people making over $250,000 during the campaign and he said if the economic downturn continued, of course, he would consider not raising taxes because it might hurt the economy. obviously, real unemployment is, what, 14%, 15% right now? wouldn't that suggest maybe do you what peter orszag suggested and wait a year or two before
7:20 am
you allow the taxes to go up? >> joe, you should read peter's column more closely. >> di. >> he said his preference would be that we move forward with a middle class tax cuts because the middle class and not the upper income tax bracket. the people in the middle of our economy that 97% have been hit hard the last ten years, they will spend the money and get our economy moving. he is conscious of the deficits and understand a 700 billion dollar bill to do the other 3% is something we can't afford, but what peter said we may have to do that in order to pass the legislation. he was giving us legislative advice, not economic advice. >> did you read the entire article? because if you read the entire article, david, you would know that he also said the obama administration should end all tax cuts, even for people making under $250,000. two years from now, he said that
7:21 am
would be the most fiscally thing to do. will you consider doing that. >> we are for a permanent extension of the middle class tax cuts. they have a horrific time the last decade and seen their wages flatten and borne the brunt of this recession. the president will say the middle class is the beating heart of our economy. we can't have strong growth and a better future and declining middle class so we believe that we should move forward on the middle class tax cuts but we can't afford to do the rest, given our fiscal picture. >> one more on this, david, because john boehner just went on television and called for a two-year freeze on all tax increases. whether or not you agree with that, isn't the point to drive the economy forward on all levels and why wouldn't you all consider that? >> well, mika, the question back to mr. pain boehner is why won't
7:22 am
the republicans in the senate pass a small business tax cut, zero capital gains for small businesses? there is 40 billion 050 billion in tax cuts there we believe will prime the economy and it's being held up for politics. if mr. boehner believes that we have an extra 35 billion or 75 billion to spend on tax cuts, let's talk about tax cuts that will actually prime the economy. most economists agree. goldman sachs, for crying outloud put out a report and said the high income tax cuts were not a good stimulus for the economy. let's talk about how we can get this economy moving again. >> i tell you what, zero percent capital gains tax, sign me up. i don't have any capital gains because willie and i invest in the dog track. if you want to get business going again. >> they would hire. they would retain people. >> as we said yesterday, tax breaks for rnd, permanent tax
7:23 am
breaks for rnd is great stuff and will fuel the economy long term. >> isn't that fair, david? >> and bonus depreciation, accelerated depreciation to get people to invest now and not later, that is going to be part of what we are advocating. there is no reason we can't agree on that. sensible republicans like yourself decided to get out of politics and the people leading the united states senate have decided to play politics and stall everything. >> david, you're making me blush! >> the economic, state of the economy -- the president. >> he is making me plush blush. mike barnicle is blushing, too. >> i know, david, of your deep bleven in supporting tax cuts for the middle class and growth in the middle class and having to do something about the virtual stag nation for the middle class the last ten years. but if all of the components part of the president's economic program as he will address today
7:24 am
and has started, if they are to critical and important to the economic health of the middle class, why didn't you do them a year ago? or this spring? >> well, actually, mike, you know, we passed 300 billion in tax cuts for that same 97% and one of the first things we did that was opposed by the republicans in congress. but we have been on this from the very beginning. the president ran promising a make work pay tax cut. he delivered on that promise. but we can't -- we can't now turn our back on the middle class in the middle of this very difficult economic time. >> david, but what was it that changed your mind as it relates specifically to extending the tax cuts even for the middle class? because for a long time, the president -- and i've heard you -- pretty adamant that there were no plans to extend the bush tax cuts on any income level. so what was it that truly moved
7:25 am
the needle here? and, secondly, let me ask the question that so many people have been asking in relation to the president's plans to spend $50 billion on new infrastructure. where is the money that was targeted toward infrastructure in the stimulus spending? was that almost 200 billion? did that actually go to work? >> it absolutely did in tens of thousands of projects across this country. all over america, there is work going on right now and it will be ongoing for the rest of this year and into next. rebuilding this country. it's one of the reasons why we've -- even the congressional budget office, nonpartisan has said that we are responsible for 3 to 3.5 million people working today who wouldn't have been working but for what we did. let me challenge your first point. i really defy to you find where the president or any of us said that we weren't going to extend the tax cuts for the middle class. we have never said that. we have consistently said that
7:26 am
we needed to move forward with those, because the middle class has really suffered, not just -- as i said through the recession, but before the recession. this has been a long-term problem for our country and the president strongly believes that the road to growth has to include a strong vibrant growing middle class. >> david, it's willie. by all accounts, all of the experts who sit around this table say the democrats are going to be whiped out in the house and perhaps even in the senate. how does that change the dynamic for you all? some people said it would be better for the president to be governing with republicans in the opposition. how do you look at it? >> first of all, willie because you and joe go to the dog track, you know that -- you can always make dough betting against the conventional wisdom. >> you can. >> i would think about that. secondly, let me say that what we have seen over the last 20 months is a republican group in
7:27 am
congress that have shown no interest in working with us on any of these issues. the last thing this country needs is two years of gridlock because we have a group that doesn't want to cooperate. these things that joe mentioned, these things we are proposing are things that were republican ideas, not democrats. many of them, you know, there has been bipartisan support for infrastructure and bipartisan support for research and experimentation and tax credits and bipartisanship support for it and all of a sudden no support for them. we don't want a situation where we have a lockdown in washington because we have republicans more interested in scoring political points than solving problems. >> speaking of tracks, i know somebody who has been running around the track. >> he seems more energetic. >> with his ankle weights on. he is looking healthy. >> david, have you lost weight? >> i have lost a little weight. thanks for noticing.
7:28 am
>> you look great. >> have you started smoking? >> be quiet! >> because that will take it right off. >> when is it? tuesday, september 16th. >> oh, lord. >> thursday, september 16th, that's what i meant! david, will you come to our bipartisan health challenge? you look like you could do a great job walking around the mall with us. >> it sounds great! i can't wait. >> he is checking his schedule! >> i want to see you in a gym suit! >> you can't do that, david, let's have a big steak dinner some time next week. >> i'd like to see you at the bipartisan health challenge. >> david axelrod. thank you so much. we will let you move on to announce your run for mayor in chicago. >> he has lost weight. how do they do -- they do that before they run for office. >> people ask. >> apparently not running for office. ahead, dnc chairman is with us tim kaine and nbc news political director chuck todd.
7:29 am
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welcome back to "morning joe." the imam says he is, quote, odd by the controversy surrounding the project around ground zero. in op-ed piece in this morning's "the new york times," imam rauf says the backers will be identified. the imam says the project is the right thing to do. he writes the wonderful outpouring of support on our right to build this community center from across the social, religion s and political spectrum seriously undermines the ability of anti-american radicals to recruit young and impressional muslims by falsely claiming that american percent kuts muslims about for their faith. these efforts by radicals at distortion endanger our society and why americans must not back away from completion of this project. the "wall street journal" released just yesterday puts opposition for the planned
7:34 am
islamic center at 51%. government officials are turning unthe pressure on florida pastor who is planning to burn copes of the koran on saturday's anniversary of the september 11th attacks. secretary hillary clinton condemned it as disgraceful. >> the news is carrying reports that a pastor down in gainesville, florida, plans to burn the holy koran on september 11th. i am heartened by the clear, unqif cal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act that has come from american religion leaders of all faiths. >> despite this, new york city mayor michael bloomberg yesterday defended the pastor's right to burn the muslim holy book. >> in a strange way, i'm here to defend his right to do that. i happen to think that it is
7:35 am
distasteful. i don't think he would like it if somebody burnt a book that in his religion he thinks is holy burkes the first amendment protects everybody and you can't say that we are going to apply the first amendment to only those cases where we are in agreement. >> in an interview, pastor terry jones says he was still planning to go forward with the event, despite general david petraeus' warning that it would put u.s. soldiers' lives at risk. when we come back, can democrats keep control of capitol hill? we're going to bring in dnc chairman tim kaine and chuck todd, nbc chief white house correspondent and later a look at the senate showdown in the keystone state with pennsylvania governor ed rendell. you're watching "morning joe," brewed by starbucks. ♪ when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin. long summer days, and not enough sleep.
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♪ 58% believe that the republicans get control. they will have different ideas than the bush administration. 35% believe they will fall back on bush policies. it stands out because it seems like voters are rejecting the very argument the president has been making for several months. >> the republicans that had both the congressional committees made on nbc as well. i think pete sessions said very verbatim that we want to return to those policies. >> that may be the case but it seems voters don't know that. >> we will spend the next couple of months sharpening that argument, if need be, to ensure that people do. >> all right. 39 past the hour. white house press secretary
7:40 am
robert gibbs outlining the democrats plan for the upcoming months. joining us now the chairman of the democratic national committee and former governor of virginia, tim kaine. with us is nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd who is also the co-host of msnbc "the daily rundown." and maria bartiromo is still bus. >> tim kaine, you take the official wisdom in washington at its word right now it looks like you're the captain of the titanic. how do you turn that baby around? >> somebody asked me that question after labor day in 2005 when i was almost double digits down in the poll for governor and i won handily. president obama was down by ten points in the gallup poll after labor day in 2008 and won handily. i'm glad the election isn't today. we have a lot of work to do the next 60 days. i will lay out in a speech today in philadelphia what i think is a very clear choice. >> when you have individuals like yourself can get on the campaign trail and connect with voters the last three months, that is one thing.
7:41 am
barack obama, obviously, is another thing. when you have sort of this mass of democratic candidates that really don't have a focused message moving forward it's much more difficult to turn things around. >> let me tell you what the message is. we are the doer party and come in in a tough time and doing great things, equal pay for women and kids with health insurance and jobs are being lost. we are not yet where we want to be. we have on say that every time. however, the only way to get there is by continuing to climb. you've heard me say this before. all dems can do that. the president out to rally them is key. >> the doers party is branding a party with an alcoholic beverage irks i didn't know that was that. virginia gentleman is the only brand i'm aware of. >> look at you.
7:42 am
you're always on message with virginia. >> creature of the commonwealth. >> you say you're glad the election isn't being held today. >> yes. >> what are the challenges the party is facing? >> i'm not particularly worried about some of the polls that show the generic gap. one poll showed the polls are even. what we have to do is make hur our folks vote. we start now in june with canvassing is making sure democrats understand the stakes. democrats, we will have a lot of folks who will vote in a presidential year who may or may not vote in a nonpresidential year. the effort we have put is to remind people, look. you supported the president. you want him to succeed. he will succeed with good partners. you either will put partners in who will continue to accelerate the party. >> governor, the public wants some change. they don't like what is going on in washington. don't you, as a party, have to tell the voters, look.
7:43 am
we know you don't like some of the things that have happened here, so continue with the status quo some or you have to say you give us another chance and we're going to do things x way? >> it's not just continue with a status quo. it's keep climbing. so keep accelerating the economy in spite of near lock-step opposition from the other side and tackle issues that the president is working on like the nonpartisan deficit commission. republican idea, they tried to stop it. now, there is a commission going forward. you've seen connect gates and the president do some things on the spending side and you'll see more of that. >> how is that jibing with the more spending plans of $50 billion announced yesterday in terms of putting that toward infrastructure and how much of a challenge is it that some of the insiders in the party are actually distancing themselves from this message? >> two things. first on the spending. you know this white house don't announce anything on spending without it being paid for. the day of two wars without financing it or mediciaid withot
7:44 am
financing it is gone. everything is announced here is how we are paying for it plan. it's not a deficit increaser. second. look. i've been a candidate, too. people, especially in jerry mand congressional district have to run in ways they think is successful. you put a d after your name be proud to be a democrat and be a happy warrior. equal pay for women is no small thing and 4 million kids with health insurance is not a bad thing. the accomplishments have been significant. every democrat ought to be running on -- look. we're getting things done. >> why are some democrats leaving the party? >> i don't know. i haven't heard leaving yet. >> an article in "the new york times" over the weekend young people who voted for obama considering not voting. >> you always have that. >> why do we have that problem? >> you always have that in the midterm. never a midterm where the
7:45 am
turnout is like in a presidential year and one that had such a huge surge. our goal is if we get a bigger percentage of those to vote in the midterm than the norm then we will produce significant votes for our candidates. >> how does the president changed washington? >> let me start with the dnc. we don't take pack and lobbyist money. >> the dnc and triple c does. it's a distinction without a difference. >> no, it is not. 20% of that money -- >> half the national party -- >> and we swore it off and we haven't taken a penny which means what we have been able to do, you know our fund-raising has been strong because low dollar donors are coming to the party because they want to help. second changed washington by a town by doing the heavy lifts. the critique i had from living 90 miles from washington, my
7:46 am
biggest critique will they do something hard or tough or unpopular? you've put in health reform, you've put in wall street reform and credit card reform and economic recovery. the president's major change in washington is i'm going to come in, take issues that have been kicked down the road to the next congress or the next administration. we are marching through each of them and do something meaningful. that is a huge change. >> you said you have a plan going in and everything is paid for. is obama paid for? >> cbo says look. they are -- i know from inside the white house discussions they pull their hair out about the cbo. they very independent. the vote in march followed on a cbo report that said compared to the status quo, we do this over the next decade we will knock a trillion plus off the deficit. >> let's talk about obama care. because there are candidates running for congress in your home state. i think a very sharp youngman and been on this show. >> you're having him back after
7:47 am
november because he is going to win. >> if he does, you talk about uphill battle. he warked the plank twice for obama care and now what he is finding and what a lot of democrats are finding is a party that has run away from them. candidates aren't talking about it. >> there are some, but, man, i talk about it all the time. tom didn't walk the plank for obama care. he walked the plank to curb insurance company abuses and provide seniors with a break on prescription drugs and kids could stay on parents policies till 26 and not 21. small business tax credits is what he did and did it with the help of providers across the district. >> i think the health care plan is a good idea? >> oh, absolutely. >> why do you believe that the obama health care plan is so unpopular today in america? looking at every poll. you do. a lot of people say don't look at the polls. let's just do what is right. if you're tom perriello in
7:48 am
central virginia you have to look at the votes. >> it's more popular than unpopular. kaiser monthly polls in may had it negative. they are net positive now. as people experience -- kaiser is polling every month. >> poll after poll says -- >> hold on. >> in our poll, it says -- an -- a candidate for congress voted for health care or a candidate in congress said he wanted to repel health care repealing health care was a more positive attribute. you would do that being a congressional candidate than being somebody voting for it. harold dickeys says you guys have done a poor job that you have not sealed it. that the president said yes, it will become more popular but you haven't talked about it. you say you talk about it. the president throws it in as a by the way, and my mom in orlando doesn't understand it still six months later. >> on the salesmanship i will not argue with harold dickys.
7:49 am
what it does for regular people is strong and something i field produce of. loom -- look. i'm always going to remember i was dnc chair when we passed health care reform. civil rights act, social security and medicaid and medicare. dems have put up on the mantle and ending the day when you go bankrupt because you get sick and you die because you can't get access to medical care and condition. >> this is one of the reasons we are not seeing the unemployment rate make a move. >> maria, you know businesses are getting socked by health care already. >> and it is only going to get worse, which is why they are not adding hedge to the payroll. >> how many businesses are going to get a tax credit this year. when president clinton tried health care, 60% of small businesses offered it to their
7:50 am
employees. by the time this bill passed, only 38% did. it was going to be 15% in ten years if we didn't do something. this provide the path to coverage, and it will get tweaked and adjusted like everything does. >> let me ask you, by the end of the day, do the democrats hold the house and the senate? >> yes, if we play our cards right, we'll have a margin of comfort. but we have a lot of work to do. i was a civil rights leader, i was a governor in the midst of the recession for several years, i like these odds. >> chuck, what do you say? is it possible for democrats, likely for democrats to hold balance in the senate? >> look, i think if you look at the polls right now, then it would be more likely republicans pick up both than democrats hold both. i'll say that. >> tim kaine, thank you. arianna huffington and governor ed rendell on the set next.
7:51 am
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oh! just come snuggle with mama. [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairs of glasses fo$99.99 at sears optical, with bifocal lenses for just $25 more per pair. hurry in to sears optical today and don miss a thing. welcome back to "morning joe." a little breather here, this is water cooler stuff. >> is that why the cool game came back on the set? >> am i the cool guy? if i am, i'm in trouble. what a statement about cable news. some stuff we dug up on the internet for you, did you see the 7-year-old rapper, mika?
7:55 am
we shouldn't show you if he wasn't good. first of all, he has the ice cube look going on. memphis, his name is p-nut. he's 7 years old. you know what, he can flow a little bit. let's watch. >> i was 4 years old and my dad taught me to rap by doing math like two plus two equals four, i'm walking out the door. and just when i think, if i go outside and see kids playing, i just write stuff down. when i think, i'm just writing it down. i'm just doing what i have to do over and over again to let the fans see what i can do. it feels good because i'm letting all the steam i have come out. >> what kind of steam is that? >> that's the rapping steam. >> 7 years old. one of his lines, culturally aware, can't play with tonka
7:56 am
trucks because all the tonka trucks got repoed. it is rough out there. he's got his finger on the pulse. we have to show you this. brewers/cardinals last night, the umpire had a rough night. the cardinals' bench coach, dave duncan, thrown out of the game for arguing balls and strikes. so he throws the cardinals' coach out. now we'll throw a brewers player out for arguing balls and strikes. davidson is not dochblt we'll move to the seventh inning now. a little testy, he goes behind home plate and throws a fan out of the game. >> you can't do that! >> he's been heckled all night apparently by this fan. he turned around and threw him out of the stadium. i don't think you can do that. >> you can't do that. >> you are not allowed to heckle
7:57 am
umpires? >> not mr. davidson. he was touchy last night. the fan you see here got a standing ovation at miller park in milwaukee. he left a hero, perhaps and had a couple millers. >> maybe he was distracting the piper. >> how do you do that? >> was mika doing that or were you doing that? >> i was doing that. that's what happened against the sox in '86. i got behind home plate a couple weeks ago, and i did this. and poor chris lick, he was so embarrassed. >> i don't know if that was funnier to me or chris in the most awkward and embarrassed look on his face. >> that's a little history from 1986. coming up next on "morning joe," ariania huffington in this very studio joining the conversation. that's next on "morning joe."
7:58 am
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the president will argue tomorrow that we should extend those middle class tax cuts. not doing so would most assurebly hurt our economy. again, if you are making $250,000, $400,000, $600,000 or $800,000 in this economy, you
8:02 am
are not putting off the purchase of -- there's not a great crush on or pull back in your consumer demand. this economy is not hurting people that make $800,000 a year. it is hurting families that are making $40,000 a year. >> welcome back to "morning joe." top of the hour. great to have you with us. mika here with us, of course, mike barnicle as well, maria bartiromo. maria has a new book out. >> "the weekend that changed wall street." >> i can't wait to talk about that. and somebody that's going to have a book coming out, and very excited about the huffington post's founder, editor, publisher, arianna huffington. good to see you. >> her book is "third world america. how politicses are abandoning the middle class and the
8:03 am
american dream." >> it is good. >> it is a page turner. tell us why you wrote the book. >> i wrote the book for two reasons. one because i wanted to make sure there were things to turn things around before we become third world america. when the middle class is crumbling, which is what's happening right now, that's when we are third world america because this country is founded on the middle class. >> why is the middle class crumbling? >> well, the middle class is crumble right now because we are losing jobs, we are losing homes, every to 30 seconds somebody goes bankrupt. kids are graduating from college without being able to get a job. and we have people with college degrees who are losing jobs, who have lost jobs two or three years ago who are not getting rehired, so the whole american dream of mobility is being turned on its head. >> you have started over the past year talking about
8:04 am
something not being beyond left and right. >> not being beyond left and right. >> i mean this as a compliment, you may not take it that way, but proving this is beyond left and right, it is something pat buchanan has been saying for some time, we are betrying the middle class. this is something that conservatives and progressives can agree on. >> absolutely. and the whole issue of operable mobility being turned on its head is something conservatives are deeply concerned about because they know it affects, not just our economic prosperity, but or democratic stability. and we see that with the anger, with the demagoguery, but also where we can find common ground is in solutions. because my solutions are mostly about communities and individuals coming together and doing things to rebuild their lives and their communities. you know, we are going to keep pressuring washington to do what we consider the right thing, and we may disagree about what the right thing is, but while we are doing that, instead of waiting
8:05 am
on the sidelines for washington to do the right thing, let's start doing the right thing. >> doing the right thing ourself. and maria, your book talking about the changing economy, you talk about the weekend that changed wall street, it not only changed wall street, but it changed america in a profound way. >> it did. i think that in order to understand where we may be going, it is important to understand what the issues that they were dealing with that weekend when aig became a ward of the government and merrill was sold to bank of america and lehman declared bankruptcy. one of the major changes we are all looking at today is the fact that debt has become front and center for the average person out there because people are worried because they recognize that we can't have leverage and borrow forever. and the economy is still in a very fragile state. her death whitney, an analyst on wall street, just yesterday predicted that wall street was going to see layoffs of 80,000
8:06 am
over the next 18 months. 80,000 cuts. >> here's the thing i don't understand, maria, it seems to me the more things change the more they stay the same. wall street got hit on september 15th. they retracted. then they bought low, sold high, made billions of dollars. they expanded quickly and now you're telling me things are going to go down, then a they are going to retract again. it seems like wall street has not learned their lesson. >> we are not going to see companies in the business of making money that decide, no, we are not going to make money anymore, but things have changed. for example, the capital levels, the leverage ratios are very different. we have new regulation. >> being more brew dent. >> absolutely. and we are getting further resolution with the financial regulatory reform calling for much more prudent, more conservative ways of doing business. >> did obama's regulatory reform go far enough? >> no, maria and i agree on
8:07 am
that. we have not eliminated systemic risk. so we have not literally reformed a capital system that was not working. whether you are on the right or the left, you recognize that if a capital isn't to work, if you fail, if you take excessive risk and it doesn't work, you just go bankrupt. >> you've got to be punished if you make stupid decisions. >> right. if you are too big to fail, if you pose a systemic risk, the government will step in and save you, and the government is the taxpayer. that has not been eliminated. >> i don't think it is too big to fail as much as it is too connected to fail. but we are still dealing with too big to fail. look at fannie mae, freddie mac. when you really want to change something, you need to change the structural organization of fannie and freddie. that was not even in finray.
8:08 am
>> you have to allow bad actors on the street, mike barnicle, to fail. if they made bad decisions, they've got to fail. you can go back to 1994. the so-called mexican bailout of 1994/1995, that was not the bailout in mexico, that was to bail out wall street firms invested in the peso. >> seriously. >> at the heart of the anger that the american people are expressing in every part is this weekend that maria is writing about. is this bailout. because the president is going to propose a $50 billion infrastructure budget, we gave aig $180 billion. you know, that's really -- >> and we'll never get that money back. >> we just got $4 billion back and that's about it. >> how much do we keep giving fannie and freddie? i mean, they came back and asked for another couple hundred billion dollars this year after getting $400 billion last year. it keeps going and going.
8:09 am
and yet congress doesn't even reform them. they haven't had time to reform fannie and freddie. >> nobody knows what to do with it. >> you bump into a woman in maine who says she sees me in the grocery store, if you go to the grocery store, the gas station, if you go anywhere in this country where people get up and work every day and try to live normal lives, there are two things going on in the country. economically there's a recession, a severe recession. we are still in it. psychologically, bingo, the country is in a depression. because for the first time in many adults' lifetimes, men and women who have lost their jobs between the ages of 40 and 55 realize the jobs probably are not coming back. and for the first time in our lifetimes, huge numbers of people out there sitting around the kitchen table looking at their children are thinking to themselves, i now the doubt that life is going to be better for my kid in this country than it has been for me.
8:10 am
that's been the great dream of parenting in america. and it is sort of disappearing. >> that's why chuck todd's question to governor cain was the key one, which is you have to level with the american people. you can't just tell them, vote us back because we want to keep doing the same thing. because the same thing has not worked. >> enand people are not stupid. >> they know this is not just a cyclical recession we are going through. remember for the last year and a half, larry summers and the president's economic team have been saying unemployment is a lagging indicator. it will come back. now we know that's not the case. there are real fundamental problems going on impacting the middle class in a profound way. >> which is what you wrote about. she writes about third world
8:11 am
america. looking at the bridges and the tunnels in this country, shs right. this is the richest country in the world, so we are questioning the $50 billion to an infrastructure. what about the last $200 billion from the stimulus package that was supposed to be earmarked toward stimulus? what happened to that money, arianna? >> well, some of that has been spent in a way creating jobs and fixing the infrastructure, but the problems are huge. and that's really what we are not addressing. >> mike, do you know what's really interesting, politically, and it has only started to bubble and percolate over the last ten days, two weeks as the elections approach, is that people are smart enough, they are realized this president, no matter whether you like him, whether you didn't vote for him or whatever, he made a choice a year ago. his choice was health care. >> not jobs. >> not jobs. and now people are sitting out there saying, they spent a year and a half on health care, my health care costs have not gone
8:12 am
down, they are not going to go down before the election, they've made it at the expense of jobs. >> by the way, it doesn't contain costs. you ask our good friend david axelrod a pertinent question, because he's talking about zero capital gains taxes for wise investments. a complete tax cut for research and development. these are brilliant ideas if you want to change the game where you don't have democrats arguing one thing and republicans arguing another. if we can get to the point, and arianna, guy to you, because you have been talking about beyond left and right, where we have one goal right now talking economics, and it is not winning a debate over economics, it is what todd friedman talks about, growing the pie. we have to grow the pie. we have to expand the economy. we have to plan for the next century instead of the next two years, and we don't have politicians in washington that
8:13 am
do that. i like paul ryan, i like a lot of his ideas about debts, but outside of paul i don't see republicans who are probably going to take over that have given us a good idea anymore than democrats on how we expand this pie. how we grow this economy, how we get unemployed 45-year-old men or women in new england that have no hopes of getting a job back in the workforce. >> well, we never had that weekend. maria writes about the weekend that saved wall street. we never had the similar weekend that said let's all come together the way everybody came together to save wall street. how do we save the middle class? how do we save jobs? we never had that. we never had the intensity that said we cannot afford to let the middle class collapse. so what do we do? we throw everything against the wall. payroll, tax holiday, tax credits for creating jobs, infrastructure jobs, everything we know how to do, that's the kind of intensity and urgency we
8:14 am
need to bring to this task. >> were you surprised by that? take a look at the principle people advising the president economically. they have had tenure job security or business at the fed. >> no business experience. >> that's one of the problems. i mean, as you all know, personal is policy. if you put larry summers there -- >> hold on, i'm going to steal that. personal is policy, that's good. >> it is basically going to drive every decision you make. and the emphasis is going to be not on jobs, which is where it should have been before health care. >> absolutely. >> i don't know how they get around it. >> last week we heard "the new york times" saying we understand about health care. if we had 5% unemployment, i would say let's do health care. we've got 15% real unemployment, bob was saying, jobs, jobs,
8:15 am
jobs. there's nothing more frightening than somebody in their 30s, their 40s, their 50s losing jobs and knowing those jobs aren't coming back. i talk about new england all the time and i talk about it because our family drives through it a lot. and you see shuttered factories everywhere. if you want to see a monument to the decline of america's middle class, then what you're talking about is to drive through new england and count the shuttered factories off i-95. how do we fill those buildings again? >> that's part of the problem. we went from a country that makes things to a country that makes things up. like credit default swaps, things with exotic names that not even the ceos of the companies really understand as we discovered when we started learning what was happening on wall street. but right now i think what we need to do a better job of is
8:16 am
telling the stories, because i think the american people cannot easily come together if we tell the stories of what's happening to the middle class, not just give the data you can say 26 million people unemployed. 3 million foreclosures expected this year. but when you tell the story, that's what i try to do in the book of the son of a single mom, a teacher from minnesota who got himself to yale who had steady jobs in i.t. and tech for 17 years and then lost his job. and for the last 2 1/2 years can't get a job. >> instead we are debating what it is, is it a double dip, is it a recession, who cares what you label it? the bottom line is we are worried about jobs and our neighbors and families are out of work. arianna does a great job of taking real people's stories who are on the ground and trying to tell exactly what they've been experiencing. >> arianna, is it time for an i didn't pendent president?
8:17 am
somebody to break the gridlock in washington? >> well, i think it is time for presidents who put the middle class first, not just presidents, senators, congressmen, city councilmen, but it is also time for each person to do their part. i really believe in that kind of american "can do" attitude. a lot of them are -- seth lost his job in portland, oregon. and together with his girlfriend they created a website time to help. so far they have 500 applications to get jobs. they use their time to help people in their communities. that for me that shows even when you have lost your job, even in your time of despair, you can use action to help others as anecdote to this problem. >> arianna, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a great book, arianna.
8:18 am
>> stay with us. up next, pennsylvania governor ed rep dell cause is here. he has something to tell joe. and later, espn's tom colicchio. first, here's bill karins with the forecast. >> thunderstorms just rolled through town in boston. any thunderstorms can be dangerous. we just got a report in wakefield that a person was struck by lightning as the storm went through and are being transported to the hospital. those thunderstorms have been rolling off the coast here shortly and the forecast will improve throughout the day. it will get hot and we windy. the other big story is the heavy rain in dallas. so far the airport is doing okay, but we have flash flood warnings from dallas to ft. worth southward down to austin. you can see everywhere in maroon is under a flash flood warning. that's a soaker in texas. you are watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks.
8:19 am
8:20 am
no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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8:22 am
why would we work together to make it clear that all current tax rates will be extended for the next two years. what that will do, what that will do is help small businesses who have no clue what the coming tax rates will be. it gives them some certainty. and if we are able to do this together, i think we'll show the american people that we understand what's going on in
8:23 am
the country and we'll be able to get our economy moving again and get jobs growing in america. >> if mr. boehner believes that we have an extra 35 or 70 billion to spend on tax cuts, let's talk about tax cut that is will actually prime the economy. >> that was david axelrod earlier this morning on "morning joe." he was responding to john boehner and says to keep the tax rates as they are. with us now to talk about this, democratic governor from pennsylvania, governor ed rendell. you know you are in arianna's book, page 97. >> she sent me a copy. >> i did. >> so governor, we are talking about peter orzek suggesting yesterday that tax cuts continue, the current tax rates continue for the next year or two instead of raising taxes 4% or 5%. do you agree with orzek or the
8:24 am
white house? >> i agree with david axelrod. if we have the money to spend on tax cuts, we should target them like making the rmd tax permanent. that's a great way to get american invasion on track. that's much more useful than a broad base tax cut extension. >> what do you think about zeroing of the capital gains tax for the next couple years? >> i think it is an idea worth pursuing. i want tax cut that is have a relationship to growth. >> so you are governor. you have to run something. you actually can't just sit and debate or legislate. you have to run things. so there's a 47-year-old guy in philadelphia. he went to temple university, played by the rules, he worked hard, he got laid off three years ago in a sector that's not going to come back. what tax cut do you pass if you can wave a magic wand to get that 47-year-old back at work?
8:25 am
>> well, interestingly, joe, i have triple since i've been governor the research and development tax credit in pennsylvania, so more and more companies can use it to innovate. because what we need to do, i heard you in the last segment, we need to broaden the pie. one of the great things about the stimulus, i know you guys pound the stimulus daily, if you read "time" magazine it is transforming a lot of our economy. it is making us an energy-based economy. that's going to expand the pie. pennsylvania is third behind california and texas in the number of green energy jobs produced in the last decade. we are expanding the pie by taking new manufacturing, new jobs, new concepts. >> you say you are expanding the pie, it is not showing up yet obviously in the unemployment figures, right? >> in pennsylvania in the last five months, we are seventh in the nation -- >> what's your unemployment rate? >>er we are at 9.3%. >> has that gone down? >> it is just under the national average. for an industrial state, we are
8:26 am
the lowest unemployment rate. none of that is good, but you have to keep working at it. i think tim kaine made a good point about climate. 54,000 private sector jobs in the last five months in one state is not a bad record at all. it is not a bad record at all. and i think infrastructure, and i know i harp on this all the time, but infrastructure is the key. you talk about saving american manufacturing, and arianna's book made that point, mike, you have made it, american manufacturing is the key. if we stop being a country that makes things, we are cooked. and the best way to help american manufacturing is a ten-year broadbased invisionary plan where we build and build and build. in pennsylvania, we are not only creating jobs on the construction sites, on june 30th we did a quick picture, 8,600 people working on bridges and roads totally funded by stimulus, but then we took the vendors for the projects, that
8:27 am
had hired back another 3600 workers in concrete plants, timber plants, hired them to make the goods that help rebuild our infrastructure. so if you want to make american manufacturing whole again, if you want to give it new life, let's do something to invest in our country. it is disgraceful the state of our infrastructure. >> but the federal government, the debt-ridden federal government writing checks for infrastructure, and it is disgraceful, we need to rebuild our country, but that's not going to expand the pie. >> is that invasion? >> that's not innovation. it is a short-term fix. >> it is not a short-term fix if you do it over ten years. >> okay, but that doesn't grow the pie. >> sure it does, joe. right now we are doing x amount of infrastructure work in this country. if we do three times x, the pie expands dramatically. >> but we have to export jobs.
8:28 am
listen, i'm not going to debate, i want people to get back to work over the next ten years and i want our infrastructure to improve. but we are not going to be exporting jobs that way. >> it is not either/or. >> we get the either but we need the other. >> we need both. if you want to find the $50 billion or more that we should be spending to build infrastructure and create jobs, how about taking it out of afghanistan? why are we rebuilding afghanistan instead of rebuilding our country. we keep saying that every day. >> think about this. $2 billion a week. over the next week we'll spend $2 billion in afghanistan. what if we invested that in our economy? $2 billion a week on a war without end. >> arianna is exactly right. for $2 billion a week, that's $100 billion a year. you could finance a federal capital budget when you're spending a trillion, $1.1
8:29 am
trillion fixing up our infrastructure. that's the debt service on $1.1 trillion of work. that would keep american manufacturing humming for the next three to four years. it would keep good jobs, and these are good jobs that pay $60,000 to $80,000 held by good people and american manufacturing gets healthy again. >> so are you actually saying now we should basically stop spending that money in afghanistan and spending it here at home? >> yes, i said it the last time i was here. >> seriously, how long do -- i hate to be a broken record, but when we are debt-ridden, when our economy is collapsing, when our troops are spread out across the globe, how do we continue fighting a war without an end gain? our end gain, mike, is propping up karzai, a corrupt ineffective leader that is suggesting he could bolt to the taliban any time. >> the longer we talk about this
8:30 am
issue and link it to afghanistan and our spending in iraq, the more i'm convinced that every united states senator, every member of congress, the president of the united states, ought to be forced to reread the economic history of america from january of 1942 to january of 1944. when we got up off our back fighting a two-front war, rebuilt everything in this country, became the arsenal of democracy, put millions of people to work, now that was a war event, this is another war. this is a war to salvage the middle class of america. the working people of america. and it is well worth reading it and well worth implementing something like that. >> governor ed rep dell, thank you very much for coming on the show today. >> governor, thank you so much. >> we didn't get to talk about the infrastructure bank. you were wrong on that. >> is he? >> he doesn't understand if we don't pledge the federal government's credit --
8:31 am
>> he doesn't understand. >> we agree on health. look at david axelrod. >> i want this man in the white house. >> will you come to the bipartisan health challenge? [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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♪ you won't regret it at all vo: offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage. it is time to get a check on business before the bell with cnbc's erin burnett. she is live in new york city.
8:35 am
that's my neighborhood. erin, what are you doing in my neighborhood? >> reporter: i know. by the way, this place is pretty nice. i'm here for a shipping conference. you guys know i love ships, but jeffreys is an investment company having a shipping conference, awe decided to come here to get the same answer you are trying to get, is whether the economy is getting better or not. we think about ships, and you may think it is old school, but 80% of the stuff that ships around the world still goes by ship. 08%, 80%. so we'll talk to ceos that are shipping sweaters and gadgets and stuff for christmas, oil, you name it, and we'll try to find out whether we are still in dire straits and need more stimulus, you name it. >> oh, well that's your next story, i believe, the bush tax cuts that we have been talking about all morning. i thought it was really interesting what ed rendell told all of you, it may be possible, when asking about capital gapes,
8:36 am
consider putting that to zero. right now the dividend and capital gains are at 15%. obama wants them up to 20%, which doesn't sound like a big increase from where they are, but having them fully expire would put them to 40% for high earners. that could be an area where the president could compromise because i'm hearing from the administration the same things you are, they are not going to soften on the bush tax cut issue. two things to consider that you may want to think about. one is, extending them temporarily doesn't do a whole lot for you, especially those on the high end. that takes away the heft, but the thing that might make sense, and who knows whether the president has dug his heels in enough, but it could be instead of raising $250,000, it could be $500,000. that enables him to make it better rich versus poor and it helps the people in the middle. a lot of people making $250,000 in cities around america with
8:37 am
kids in college are not wealthy and raising their taxes could affect their spending. >> the definition of wealth, room for compromise, what we were talking about at the top of the show. >> no doubt about it. i think we all agree we need some targeted tax cuts. i think rnd, i'll say it again, that's a great way to go because you help expand the economic pie. >> erin burnett, thank you. >> by the way, we have to obsess about that. i'll tell you what, you obsess about obesity, i'll obsess about growing the economic pie. >> okay. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 what if every atm was free? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more $2, $3 fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more paying to access your own money. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it'd be like every atm in the world was your atm. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the schwab bank high yield investor checking(tm) account. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 zero atm fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 a great interest rate. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no minimums.
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8:40 am
they put the calories on the menu, and i would have, without looking, consumed about 2,500 to 3,000 calories. after looking at the counts on
8:41 am
those things, i was grossed out. i had soup. it really is, i hate to sound like you, this is a critical, critical step. if somebody looks at the men you and they want to eat 3,000 calories for lunch, that's their business. just like if you want to smoke, that's your business, but i think americans need to know. >> he is coming around. i'm just saying. he's coming around. and joining us now, the lead judge for top chef, tom colicchio is here to discuss the food legislation in front of congress which is making its way, maybe not perfect? >> well, the senate passed the bill. and it is a pretty good bill, but i don't think it goes far enough. there's a couple issues with it. one, you need to increase access for kids. so automatic enrollment through medicaid is something that the house bill is putting forth. after school programs, after
8:42 am
school in the cafeterias, the after school programs are not included in the house bill, they are in the senate bill. the other issue is that the senate bill, even though it is a good bill, they are taking $2 billion. they are stealing from dipper to pay for lunch. the house bill is an $8 billion bill over ten years. >> if anyone wants to understand why this is important and why we need to do this and many other things, take a look at new york. take a look at the kids in new york. and the numbers that we saw in the headlines over the weekend in terms of obese children. especially in poor areas, and in poorer areas there are many more. 51% in queens. >> also rural areas, too. mississippi, alabama, arkansas, you know, obesity has become a national health crisis.
8:43 am
and talk about saving money on health care, this will save dividends down the road if we take care of the problem now. >> did you say one of the bills, the senate bill, not the house bill, doesn't include breakfast for school kids? >> no, it includes breakfast. it doesn't include breakfast, and it does not include weekend feeding and summer months. hunger doesn't go away in the summer, it is still there. >> 51% of obesity in queens, 12% on the upper west side. if you look at the kids at the bus stop or on their way to school, i tell you what they have for breakfast. a fish sandwich on their way to school, and their day calorically is on the way down. >> that's the biggest problem. you talk about obesity, it is now nutrition. it is not overeating, it is mall nourishment. the study done in the summer months, people are putting on weight now, which you would think the opposite. they are putting on more weight. the reason is when they are in
8:44 am
the school program and are getting breakfast and lunch, they are getting more nutrition meals. not just empty calories from fat and sugar. >> i get a lot of criticism for talking about this topic, when you look at a child who is obese, and their feature is cut short because they have nothing with their health in jeopardy, their life is shortened, their options will be limited, and now we have classrooms with more children who are obese than children who are not. and i don't know why, i mean, i even got reactions on twitter saying, don't use the word obese. you are marginalizing people, you're adding to the hatred. i'm thinking we need to use the word and address it. >> let's call it malnourished, because they are. >> their futures are being cut short. >> that's right. >> now, we have other things that have happened. recently the fda put out the calorie count guidelines. grocery stores, movie theaters, trains, airlines, everyone is trying to get into it to get a
8:45 am
sense of what they are eating, not just children and adults. what more can be done? on top chef restaurants, do they have the responsibility to make food more nutritional? >> if you are talking about the high-end restaurants, we are not buying canned foods or processed foods, so we are already putting healthy food on the table, but it is the fast food restaurants that you have to worry about. that's where the majority of people are getting their food from these days. >> but i think the fast food restaurants and the production of food, i mean, what kind of corporation are you getting from the kind of manufacturers that produce the highly processed food. that's where the mall nourishment that you are talking about occurs. >> you're right. the biggest problem is we are subsidizing the worst foods for us. and that is to make it cheap,
8:46 am
like sugar and corn, those are the things we are subsidizing at the risk of our health. that's why these products are cheap because they are being subsidized. and that's why people with low incomes can afford them. but they are the wrong foods to feed our children. >> we all need to get our arms around this. >> i would like a big mac. >> tom, you have to help me. you were doing so well. i had you restrained in the bac back. here's the thing, arianna, there's nothing good for you in there. nothing. >> what is it made of? hold on. >> if there's a blueberry in there it could be okay. >> the problem is the size of it. look how big this thing is. it is bigger than your head. you can't eat that. >> arianna, i'm hoping you come to the bipartisan health
8:47 am
chargement you look amazing and have worked hard on this. mike barnicle, you are not invited. tom, you are. it is thursday, september 16. >> i'm in production, i can't do that. i can't run. i tore my acl a a year ago. i'm in trouble. >> just walk it. reggie love tried that excuse on me and i said we are walking. wow, espn's digger phelps is next. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks,
8:48 am
but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. and while it can never be fully answered, it helps to have a financial partner like northern trust. by gaining a keen understanding of your financial needs, we're able to tailor a plan using a full suite... of sophisticated investment strategies and solutions. so whatever's around the corner can be faced with confidence. ♪ northern trust. look ahead with us at
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by the way, i'm very excited. look, digger phelps is back. we'll find out about the flowers. >> my father was an undertaker, and in college the girls never found out why they were getting flowers until i brought them home for a weekend. i'm not going to tell you where i got them, mika, but the tradition goes on. >> they are beautiful. >> mika, our thoughts -- >> stop. >> oh, they are gorgeous. thank you so much. >> i'm excited because this is a segment where we figure out where digger got his nickname. do you want introduce it? >> you are going to get -- >> i'm going to eat. >> september is prostate cancer
8:52 am
awareness month. the disease strikes about 240,000 men each year, a number that could fill yankee stadium four times. and here to talk about the importance of annual screenings is prostate cancer survivor and espn college basketball analyst digger phelps. and you behave. >> he will. >> i am. >> he is working on his lung cancer with that smoking. >> let me just say for the record, i do not smoke and i have never smoked, but i'm working on it. go ahead. >> when we were in new orleans last fall, i had my annual, last october everything was fine. i went in april after college basketball, and they detected prostate cancer. so what i did was go to seattle, my daughter is on the board of the hutchson cancer research, the jamie boyier foundation, and i did the surgery june 8th.
8:53 am
they took out 15 limp nodes. then i went for the checkup in the middle of july and less than .03 not detectable. so i was going twice a year. and i tell men to go twice a year. if i waited until this october, every capsule has four layers inside. my tumor was in the third layer. it never broke through. if it got in the limp lymph nodes, it would have been more serious. >> is it just doctor tests? >> yes, a psa blood test and let him do the physical. if there's an issue, go to the yourology and get the biopsy. >> explain how easy the psa test is to have conducted. >> a blood test.
8:54 am
what i thought was an issue when he was doing the physical, he didn't like the way the right part of the prostate was feeling. that afternoon i went to see my yourologist. then april 25th after the biopsy i found out i had prostate cancer. i waited until june 8th because they wanted the prostate to shrink. they wanted it to be smaller. i lost 15 pounds, got a weight training coach because i do a stairmaster, but i was not physically fit when it comes to stretching and everything else, and that helped the surgery. i was walking that night at the hospital. i was out of the hospital the next day. and i came home on june 17th after the june 8 surgery. >> we hear different numbers thrown around. >> men should go at 45. i think you should do the colonoscopy at 45. the prostate detection and the physical at the age of 45. and i started going twice a
8:55 am
year. that's what saved me. if i waited, i say this, if you go in october and something is fine, if you wait until the next october, it could be serious. >> let's talk about football for a second. >> you have a serious issue. do you know since 1977 five teams have gone in number one preseason and won a national tight? alabama back in '77. >> right. >> what i see, florida is going to be a battle, always is. they could end up playing twice a year if florida wins the east, but what i see as a coach now is if alabama, their last six conference games, their opponents have two weeks to get ready because they have a week off. that helps you, a, with an injury, that helps you with the game plan because now you can execute the game plan, and that could become a serious issue for alabama. >> our last six conference games are the toughest. our opponents have a by week the
8:56 am
week before. >> you have two weeks to prepare for the biggest game that you are beat up week after week after week. >> digger phelps, i love the flowers. we are happy you are here. >> i'm happy to be here. >> up next, what have we learned today. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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